Why has Secularism become a misnomer for “Hindu Bashing?


Whether it is the ‘intolerant rant’ of pseudo-intellectuals or the words of leaders who believe to still produce a secular image in front of masses, a little deep analysis will show that these people have anti-Hindu as well as Anti-national agenda. Truth cannot be substantiated alongside the meticulously designed war between the extreme left and the extreme right. The problem is that minority who are left winged in their political attire but have a right winged agenda also use secularism as a bashing ground and carefully articulate guilt in the masses.

When the country’s ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh greatly spoke in his press conference that, “All the resources of the country belong to minorities first and then to rest of the country.” The national consensus rose in the awe of this speech. The Indian National Congress’s agenda is only to be in power and they are adamant on dividing the nation via Caste, Religion and Social Class. The anti-Indian people find it as an opportunity to have such a greedy party in power. Congress is a playground for anti-nationals and anti-Hindu extremist who are willing to surrender their votes in favor of governmental support.


In their sixty years old rule they have placed many people in favor of political support on higher grounds, in businesses, high ranking government jobs, NGO’s, RBI, Supreme Court & Media. Now it is up to the real intellectuals of India to come out and bring out the unity of our country in light. The youth of the nation has been and will always be the forging force behind any super power in the country.

Everything shown in the media nowadays are not the real truth, but that they only procure on the agenda of people behind it, who have political, economic and religious reasons to be involved. The truth is that the fate of this country only belongs in the hands of handful of people. The elitist, people on top have a bigger picture of our future than us. The youth of this country has to be awaken to the facts and figures which speak on the contrary of belief that has been prophesized to the masses of this country since our Independence.

The nation wants unity for all, one government, one law, irrespective of castes, creed and religions. Please do not be swayed by false beliefs and fears projected to you. Trust your own instincts more than a media news flash. You are needed for the service of this nation and you can do that right where you are, the war is between misinformation and information and your weapon is you, yourself.