Why i think Shivaay will open to negative Reviews by Bollywood Review experts??

Sounds like a premature, ill-cooked and extremely judgmental conspiracy theory doesn’t it? Well, allow me to explain. If we consider cinemas as money-making products then Bollywood should be taken as any other industry, albeit a less regulated one. Bollywood has, over a period of time, turned into an assortment of different power centers, power brokers and powerful families. It has turned into an opaque system controlled by influential production houses, directors and actors who decide the overall course of the industry. An industry that is difficult for outsiders to crack and government to control. Often the industry talks in one common tone. And the ones who choose to play a discordant tune are declared pariahs by the entire industry.

Bollywood critics, especially the A-Listers are no exception. They belong to the same cabal of narrative-setting cinemawallahs. Often these critics decide the fate of a movie. So a concerted negative review campaign by the influential cinema critics can dampen the response and business of even the most well made movies. I have a hunch, that Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay might meet a similar negative review campaign. And there are many reasons why I think so:

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