Why Shahid Afridi blasted Pakistani Media? you will respect him after watching this Video

Mainstream Pakistani media is controlled by a radical group of people in Pakistan who are always trying to sell ‘Hate’ towards India to its People. No wonders that any rational person like shahid afridi would be upset with this, after having traveled the world due to his cricket career. Many Young, rational Pakistani  people already hate their government and any kind of extremist organzations, however, Pakistani media never shows about the voices of such people in pakistan.

Whatever Shahid Afridi said about Pakistan in this Video is 100% true…

would you believe that Chhota Bheem is the favorite cartoon of almost every Kid in Pakistan.

Marriages in Pakistan still happen with mostly Hindu traditions like sangeet, mehndi, baraat, dance, party and Naach Gaana.. but they just follow a different religion. although it cant be denied that Pakistan is home to numerous terrorist organizations, bloodshed every now and then but there is this other side of Pakistan which can’t be denied too. After all their ancestors were all Indian Hindus and sikhs before they were forcibly converted to Islam.

Hindustan Pakistan Bhai Bhai.. lol!!

Remember that iconic dialogue by sunny deol ji from Gadar movie

”Aapka Pakistan Zindabaad hai, isse hume koi shikayat nahi,

Par hamara Hindustaan Zindabaad tha, Zindabaad hai aur Zindabaad rahega”

अगले पेज पर पाकिस्तान की छिछोरी असलियत जान का VIDEO देख कर हर पाकिस्तानी शर्म से डूब जायेगा 

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